Happy Speak Language-Based Child Care Program

What We Do

Personal & Social Development:  Your child will learn the importance of  getting along with others, following rules and carrying out tasks. 

Language & Literacy:  The children will work toward talking and listening to others effectively, understanding stories and gaining awareness of letters and sounds.

Scientific Thinking:  Our children will begin to explore natural and physical phenomenon.

Social Studies:
  Children learn about themselves, their community and recognize roles within our community.

Fine Arts: Your child will gain appreciation for art, dance, music and drama through dramatic play. 

Physical Development (Fine & Gross Motor Skills):
  The children jump, run, hop, draw, exercise, self-help skills and learn about good health and safety skills.

Mathematical Thinking:  Our children count, sort, identify patterns and describe shapes.

Foreign Language:
  Your child will enjoy building a functional vocabulary and use of the Spanish Language. 

Sign Language:  Children will learn how to use American Sign Language (ASL) as a means to communicate for preverbal children and to supplement verbal communication of talkers.  

  Educational software is used to expand the children’s knowledge of technology.
Our children are provided with healthy, balanced and nutritious meals daily at no additional cost to you.

We are proud participants of the
Child and Adult Care Food Program