Happy Speak Language-Based Child Care Program
We Provide Quality Child Care You Can Count On
Ages 6 wks - 12 yrs
Our Approach
Welcome to Happy Speak, an educational child care program for children ages 6 weeks through twelve years. Happy Speak is located in Baldwin, NY and has been licensed with NYS Office of Child and Family Services since January, 2013.
At Happy Speak Language-Based Child Care Program we
Play with a Purpose!
Our program is one that is focused on developing the children's language skills which is a proven predictor of future academic success.
With staff highly qualified in the areas of child development, your child's growth is closely monitored.
Play Time
Play is goal-based and always strategic in broadening skills while having as much fun as possible!
We're #1 with our Families


  1. From Service Providers
    "You guys are great and very receptive to anything I suggest and I have seen many day cares but hands down you guys are excellent."
  2. From Parents
    "We love your family. I was so fortunate to find you guys. I know I tell you all the time but I'm blessed...I have a great day care and a wonderful friend and second family."
  3. From Parents
    "Thank you for loving my kids and taking care of them. I truly appreciate that and I'm very blessed to have that."
  4. From Parents
    "You do such a great job at teaching my kids. I can't thank you enough! Like I always say...I'm so blessed!"
  5. From Parents
    Thank you! I was just talking about you guys today and I said it was God that led me your way."
  6. From Visitors
    You are awesome! May God continue to bless you, that you may continue to carry out the important work that you do for countless families. You are a game changer!
"You guys are the best and I'll say it a million times...I am blessed to have all of you."
Since 2013
Happy Speak is owned and operated by parents who are educators.  We know what parents want and we know what children need.  With over a decade of experience in early childhood education, our program is one that is focused on developing excellent language skills, which is a proven predictor of overall academic success.  The first years of a child’s life are crucial to the development of language and social skills and that’s why we at Happy Speak PLAY WITH A PURPOSE!  We teach our children through play in order to foster a great love of learning.  Our aim is to meet the needs of the whole child in a loving and  nurturing way.

Highly Qualified Teachers For Your Children
Happy Speak is owned and operated by a bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist and NYS certified teacher with over a decade of experience working in early childhood education.  It is that experience and passion for young children and their learning that sets Happy Speak Language-Based Child Care Program a part from the rest.

Our staff is trained and certified in First Aid and CPR to further ensure your child's safety.